Kidnapping Allegations Fly After Fight Between Janet And Paris Jackson

By Carter Maness

The wild drama within the Jackson family has progressed to extreme levels with a new accusation that Jermaine, Randy and Janet Jackson were fighting with Michael's children, Paris, Prince and Blanket, due to a deliberate plan to separate Katherine Jackson, Michael's mother, from her grandchildren.

After the false-alarm disappearance of Katherine over the weekend, the deceased pop star's siblings reportedly drove through heavy security gates to take custody of his children's phones, halt their public airing of private family business and cover-up an attempt to remove the children from Katherine's custody.

In turn, Katherine Jackson and her attorneys have reportedly released a statement claiming that an unnamed Jackson had been conspiring to 'kidnap' her for at least three years and this is why they actually wanted the phones. "Following the incident, it was learned that one of the family members who was part of the ambush admitted that a plan has been in place for the last three years to remove Katherine Jackson from her home and her beloved grandchildren," reads part of their statement.

While no arrests were made, there was definitely an altercation between Jackson's siblings and his children yesterday (July 23) at their Calabasas, CA home. In footage shot before police arrived and posted by TMZ, Janet Jackson is shown swiping at Paris' cell phone before moving into the house out of potential paparazzi view.

Radar Online is now claiming that Janet and company attempted to take the teenagers' phones because they wanted Paris to stop tweeting private information about the family and her grandmother. Because Katherine Jackson was never actually missing, they were apparently alarmed by the stream of tweets from Paris and the mobilization of Twitter users to help find her.