Kreayshawn Gets Wild With Animation In 'Go Hard (La.La.La)' Video

By Miranda Johnson

With her debut LP Somethin ‘Bout Kreay just around the corner, pint-sized Oakland rapper, Kreayshawn, has unveiled her official single “Go Hard (La.La.La)” along with a comedic video. The song’s message is “stay true to yourself and go hard at chasing your dreams,” and Kreayshawn takes the clip to another level with a dream-like visuals.

Aside from floating cupcakes, a dancing purple wolf, and appearances from her White Girl Mob, the Oakland rapper presents her fans with a farfetched Eminem-esque video. Kreayshawn explained that the method behind her madness was just a way of her expressing individualism.

“With this track, I wanted to inspire people to just do their own thing,” she says. She also gushed that the viewers are not the only ones who get a kick out of the wild animations, expressive outfits, and dancing animals as she herself frequently watches the vid. “My favorite part about the video is that I always notice something different every single time I watch it. It’s like going on a visual adventure,” she added.

The video, which is the brainchild of Kreayshawn and design collective Syndrome, is off of her August 14 debut Somethin ‘Bout Kreay. The track is one of a pair of songs produced by Boys Noize on the upcoming LP.

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