Police Called To House Of Michael Jackson's Mother After Fight

All is not well at the Jackson residence. Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson, was confirmed to be safe with family this weekend following previous reports that she was missing, but on Monday night (July 23) the police were called to her California home after an apparent fight.

According to the LA Times, sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said police were called to Katherine Jackson’s home after a physical altercation had taken place between several Jackson family members. The sheriff declined to mention who was involved in the scuffle, but also confirmed that no arrests were made.

“Lost Hills deputies responded to a family disturbance at the home of Katherine Jackson in the city of Calabasas,” Whitmore said. “Deputies determined that a physical altercation had occurred, a battery. It involved members of the Jackson family.” Photos via TheYBF seem to show Janet and Jermaine Jackson having a tense conversation outside of the house.

Whitmore added that Michael Jackson’s mother denied allegations that over the past few months she has been "emotionally and financially mistreated by family members” and that officers “determined she was in good health."

There was mild alarm this weekend when MJ's daughter Paris Jackson tweeted messages claiming that her grandmother was missing. "yes, my grandmother is missing. i haven't spoken with her in a week i want her home now," Paris tweeted. Jermaine Jackson later cleared up the situation, revealing that Katherine was staying with her daughter Rebbie in Arizona, while doctors ordered her to disconnect and de-stress.

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