Jae Millz Says 'Hearing Voices' Is Aimed At All YMCMB Detractors

Jae Millz is prepping his latest mixtape Dead Presidents 2 for an August release, and one of his latest tracks “Hearing Voices,” finds the Young Money rapper defending his camp against what he feels are unnecessary shots. On first listen the single seemed to be a direct response to Pusha T and his “Exodus 23:1” diss, but Millz tells RapFix that the track was aimed at everyone who’s been taking underhanded jabs at YMCMB.

“I don’t want people to get everything misconstrued; like I just sat down and penned a whole record about Pusha T. Pusha T ain’t the only person that’s been saying a bunch of slick sh-- about Young Money,” he said, emphasizing that this doesn’t go beyond words. “This ain’t a personal beef. We’re all nice with words and we’ve all got dirt on each other, so at some point dudes are gonna be throwing bombs—it’s not always gonna be darts or sneak jabs.”

Right off the bat Jae Millz admits that it might not have been his place to drop a record like this, especially after Wayne released “Ghoulish” then tried to put the issue behind him, but he says battle rapping is simply in his nature.

“Enough is enough, it ain’t nothing personal and I don’t want anyone to feel like its YMCMB against vs. G.O.O.D. Music or Jae Millz hates Pusha T,” he continued. “If I really wanted to diss Pusha, I would’ve taken all Pusha T beats and really dissed Pusha T. Pusha is not the only person dissing YMCMB. I didn’t sit down and make a Pusha T record, I sat down and made a record for everybody throwing darts.”

Millz, who is working on his major label debut, Nothing is Promised for a 2013 release, says he’s confused about why YMCMB has become such a target recently, especially when the camp is known for collaborating with other labels,

“Just because I did “Hearing Voices” voices [doesn’t mean] I ain’t never like the Clipse, cause that’s gonna be a lie.” he said. “I’m not gonna say “Alone in Vegas” ain’t my shit, i’m not gonna say I ain’t like “My God” but I’m gonna say that record he did with The-Dream was totally unnecessary. You’re reaching with that, and what’re you reaching for? You’re reaching because Big Sean is on “My Homies Still” and just did a video with Wayne.”

Millz also mentioned Common’s beef with Drake and referenced Chris Brown’s freestyle over “I Don’t Like,” adding that his jabs at Drake no sense since Brown is set to be featured on Birdman’s upcoming album. “Chris Brown is my man, but I don’t understand what the “I Don’t Like” freestyle was about. I don’t have a personal beef with Chris Brown, same way I don’t have a personal beef with Pusha, but don’t think n---s ain’t paying attention to the shit ya’ll saying.”

On a final note, the New York rapper added that YMCMB does not make it their business to record diss tracks, and that he does not intend for this track to end up on radio. It was solely meant to address naysayers who thought that no one was paying attention.

“Wayne does not go in the f-----g studio and think about dissing nobody,” he said. “’Ghoulish’ came because he heard a record and it thought, ‘these n----s is going hard.’ I’m not about to go on a ‘I hate G.O.O.D. music campaign.’ I didn’t say a bunch of names in there but I’m talking about a lot of different n----s in there and they know who they are.”