Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y Celebrating Mixtape Anniversary With Live In Concert

By Rob Markman

August will bring around the three-year anniversary of Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y's How Fly mixtape, and the duo plan to commemorate the occasion with the release of Live in Concert.

"We're working on some stuff, but we got some stuff done," Spitta told "RapFix Live" of the records that he and Wiz already have recorded. "I got some stuff that has been in my iTunes since I was on crutches, and that's Live in Concert. We putting that out August 9: That's the anniversary of How Fly."

Back in 2009, before either released a major-label debut, Curren$y and Khalifa dropped a 15-track fan favorite, which included crowd pleasers like "Car Service" and "Friendly." The duo has collaborated on a number of tracks since, including 2011's "O.T.T.R." and "Dot Dot Dot" with Big Sean, as well as "No Squares" and "Jet Life," both from Spitta's recently released The Stoned Immaculate.

To mark the anniversary of How Fly, Wiz and the Jet Life captain will release the seven-song Live in Concert, which they recorded in two days. "We did that all in 48 hours. We probably would've done it in less time, but I was on crutches getting from the couch to the booth," Curren$y said.

The New Orleans MC didn't specify when he and Wiz actually recorded the project or what caused him to be on crutches, but he did break his ankle last August while performing at Rock the Bells in Los Angeles, so it's possible that he and Khalifa knocked out the recording then.

"When me and him work, there is never a structure to it," he said. "So, some stuff might be 11 minutes, some songs might be 30 seconds. But in that 30 seconds, you would've got like two hours' worth of game."

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