Six Word Review Of Chris Brown's Fortune Goes Viral. Is It Too Harsh?

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Chad Taylor of City View, central Iowa's independent weekly, is a writer of few words. He recently reviewed Chris Brown's Fortune album and concisely wrote, "Chris Brown hits women. Enough said." The laconic review, in reference to Chris Brown's assault of then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, has gone viral and has been picked up by gossip, and music sites like Perez Hilton and AOL's The Boombox.

Many fans applauded Chad's harsh take on the singer. "Finally, the media get it right, well reviewed Chad Taylor" tweeted one while one added that it was an "impeccable review" and yet another said, "A fantastic, short & honest review." Chad posted on Twitter today about the album, "I got it for free and it wasn't worth the price."

Chris Brown Says Fortune Album Will Not Be His Final Release

Fortune has received several poor reviews since it was released in late June. RapFix shared some of the these lukewarm reviews. "Fortune is a pure-pop candy cane, meant to be enjoyed, consumed and forgotten" said Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune and "What's worse, the album doesn't resolve, or even ask, any of the fascinating questions about what makes Brown tick" said Kyle Anderson of Entertainment Weekly.

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