Kris Humphries Spits Kanye West's 'Cold' Lyric Back At Him

By Nadeska Alexis

When Kanye West dropped his single “Cold” in April, (formerly “Theraflu” and “Way Too Cold”), he admitted his love for Kim Kardashian, but more importantly, took a brutal shot at her ex-husband Kris Humphries in the same breath. Some fans and hip-hop bloggers thought ‘Ye had gone too far with the line ("Lucky I ain’t have Jay drop him from the team") but seems like Humphries might get the last laugh here. He signed a $24 million deal with the Brooklyn Nets this week, and fired ‘Ye’s own line back at him on Twitter.

We didn’t hear much from Humphries in the weeks after Kanye dropped the song and the rest of the Internet reacted, but maybe he realizes that timing is everything. On Tuesday (July 17), after he’d reportedly agreed to a 2-year, $24 million contract with the Brooklyn Nets, he got on Twitter and shared this message, including Jay-Z in the tweet.

“I'm up at Brooklyn! @S_C_ "lucky I didn't have Jay drop me from the team" lol!

Touché Humphries.

Meanwhile, Kimye has been going full force. They’ve been spotted side by side for the past couple of months, including this weekend in Miami where ‘Ye’ joined DJ Khaled and Rick Ross to shoot the video for “I Wish You Would.” Kanye made his debut on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" last week, where we got to see Kim's staged reaction to the lyrics on "Cold."

As for the Nets, they'll be home at the Barclays center in Brooklyn this fall and Jay-Z will be celebrating the launch with eight, yes eight, concerts.

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