K. Michelle Talks Fight With Karlie Redd On 'Love And Hip Hop Atlanta'

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta - Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

By Miranda Johnson

"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" star, K. Michelle recently stopped by Atlanta’s Hot 107.9  shedding light on the altercation that occurred between her and co star Karlie Redd on last night’s (July 16) episode.  During the chatK. Michelle reveals that she and Karlie can now actually be civil with each other. However don’t expect the two to become besties anytime soon as Michelle’s dislike for Redd is still most certainly apparent.

When asked about the fight K. Michelle responded, “It’s not no fight, I’m from Memphis so it’s not no fight. That was pitiful. So it’s not no fight.”  She continued, “Once you do something to me I’m going to see you for it, I’m not no punk." She ain’t done nothing, so it ain’t no altercation."

As for the current circumstances between her and Redd, “I’m cool on her, I gotta blame her momma and them. I can’t blame her," stated a humorous Michelle.

And if you missed episode 5, that incident was just one ingredient in the boiling pot of rachetness. With Joseline’s failed attempt to apologize to Erica resulting in yet another argument and Scrappy’s uber dramatic asthma attack recovery, this episode sure didn’t disappoint. Although it can be agreed that the highlight of the show was indeed when Mimi finally kicked lying, cheating boyfriend Stevie J. out of her home.

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