President Obama Turned Down By Michelle On Olympics 'Kiss Cam'

By: Uptin Saiidi (@uptin)

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama showed a bit of PDA during an Olympic warm-up match in Washington, DC, last night ... but it took a bit of a nudge. During a game between the USA national team and Brazil, the First Couple sat alongside daughter, Malia and Vice-President Joe Biden. During the first-half, the "Kiss Cam" narrowed in on the First Couple, but despite a look of shock on her face, the First Lady wouldn't give in.

The Associated Press even reported that it caused some disappointment in the crowd, with some people even boo-ing. Prez Obama got his second chance, though, when in the fourth quarter, the "Kiss Cam" zoomed in on them once again and this time the first couple obliged. He put his arm around his wife and they kissed, as the crowd applauded.

Last night was a relaxing break for the commander-in-chief as he balances his official duties with his re-election campaign; the election now just four months away.

Earlier this week, Beyonce released a video for the campaign detailing her letter to the First Lady. In the campaign video Bey talks about her admiration for Michelle and how proud she is for Blue Ivy to grow up in a world where she can look up to her.

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