Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Ep 5: Breakups And Girl Fights

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta - Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

This week's installment of reality TV ratchetness didn't disappoint on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta." The episode starts on a positive note as Joseline apologizes to Erica for accusing her of sleeping with Stevie J in weeks prior. Erica rejects the olive branch but it's the thought that counts, right? Mimi appears to have finally smelled the coffee and packs Stevie's bags to kick him out

From here, everything derails.

We learn that between last week and now, Scrappy had an asthma attack (following a night of heavy drinking) and recuperates in bed. He explains to Momma Dee that Erica didn't help him during his time of what he deems life and death as she was too busy going to work. Momma Dee later chastises Erica and says her cold attitude is what drove Scrappy away. Erica reveals that when she lost her first child, Scrappy left her with his homeboy, so this is par for the course in their relationship. "You don't check me boo!" screams Erica when Momma Dee claims she "left him for dead." Dramatic enough? Remember, this is an asthma attack we are talking about, people.

Later, Scrappy uses the incident as justification to end his relationship with Erica. He isn't lonely for long. Scrappy's best "friend" Shay comes to play nurse (shock) and uses the opportunity to jump right in. It becomes clear that Shay is now romantically involved to some degree with Scrappy. Hmmm. What will Erica say?

Karlie finally meets with Stevie in the studio and says that Cash Money is managing her (Can a Tyga/Karlie collabo be in the works?!) Karlie says, "I'll do whatever it takes to get in the studio with Stevie" and the two squash their beef. She performs an off-key audition of sorts as Joseline walks in. Joseline goes into a tirade when Stevie suggests the two women collaborate since after all, Cash Money is a great cosign for them all. Since Karlie is name-dropping "Cash Money" like it's hot, "Why doesn't she do a song with Nicki Minaj?" Joseline asks, in the smartest thing she's said all season.

Ultimately, Joseline acquiesces and says she'll do one song with her new duet partner. It's important to note that during the show, Young Money President Mack Maine tweeted "My phone's blowing up about a chick reality show saying she signed to the fam.......?#liestoldonTV?" which means Karlie may not be in bed with Cash Money after all.

One person she certainly would like to be in bed with is Benzino. The magazine/rapper/walk-on character appears out of nowhere and professes his love for the newly-single Karlie. "Benzino has this certain swag that I like" says Karlie and the two exchange numbers. Can a Hip Hop Weekly spread be far off?

Elsewhere in Atlanta, Mimi drops off Stevie's stuff at his crash pad since he hasn't bothered coming home. By stuff, we mean three boxes. The two have another screaming match that goes nowhere fast. Stevie says he'll go see a therapist to try to fix their relationship. Mimi reveals that Joseline has been threatening her via text and Stevie says he'll handle the situation. The producer tries to go in for an ill-timed kiss and strikes out yet again.

Finally, K. Michelle, Karlie and Mimi have a sit down to air their issues, specifically the fact that K. Michelle feels that Karlie disrespected her at her performance a few weeks ago. The two singers start yelling and throwing jabs at each other (Karlie's old age is an easy dig) and Karlie begins to shake the table. This throws K. Michelle into a tailspin and she gets violent. "You have no receipts!" she yells and accuses Karlie of being an industry jump-off (That Benzino relationship is sure to quell these rumors). As tensions rise, the show's producers quickly escort K. Michelle away before a full-blown altercation ensues. Sigh. Maybe next time we'll see some fur fly.