Soulja Boy Working With 50 Cent On 'Juice' Remake

By Kelley L. Carter

Soulja Boy says that he’s mulling over an opportunity that would bring back 1992 cult-classic film, “Juice” to the silver screen. The rapper–who later this year will co-star in “Officer Down,” with James Wood, David Boreanaz and Stephen Dorff –would possibly take on the role of Bishop, which is the same character that iconic rapper Tupac Shakur played.

The 21-year-old rapper tells XXLMag that he and 50 Cent are teaming up to bring a reimagined version of the film to life.

“With the ‘Juice’ movie… 50 Cent, that’s my big bro,” Soulja explained. “He got a movie deal that gave him millions to come up with content. Me and him are going over the Juice movie now. That’s still coming.”

Soulja is talking up the mega deal that 50 Cent inked back in 2010, when his Cheetah Vision film company scored $200 million in funding – though to be clear, Soulja didn’t spell out exactly what type of involvement (financial or otherwise) 50 might have in this project.

For his part, Soulja says that he was inspired by Tupac’s portrayal in the film – even though he was only 2-years-old when the movie came out. “You can’t just jump right into a movie like that and rush it. It’s a delicate thing, I know. But I got y’all,” he said.

“Officer Down,” which will be his first film role, doesn’t have an exact release date yet, but is slated to be released before the end of the year.

“I’m playing this character named ‘Rudy,’ he tells in a separate interview. “It’s crazy. When I was in the movie, I was [playing] a multi-millionaire drug runner [that] had $20 and $30 million at the time. It was emotion in the movie. Once it comes out and people see me acting on the big screen, they’ll get to see a whole other side of Soulja Boy.”