‘Sucker Free: Chicago’ Spotlighting Hip-Hop In The Windy City

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Chicago veteran No I.D. narrates ‘Sucker Free’ special zeroing in on the city’s most talented young rappers.

Hip-Hop heads take note: Chicago is the city to watch. A new crop of rappers from the Midwest have been steadily building buzz over the past few months and MTV 2’s “Sucker Free” will spotlight the city and its pulsating music scene during a special episode on Sunday (July 15) titled “Sucker Free: Chicago.

On Wednesday’s episode of “RapFix Live” members of the SuckerFree team joined Sway on the red couch to reveal details on the project and share exclusive footage from the special, which will include the city’s brightest talent like Chief Keef, L.E.P. Bogus Boys, Rockie Fresh, King Louie, Sasha Go Hard, Treated Crew and more.

“Chicago has a storied history, even outside of hip hop, and we thought it was a good idea to go out there and see what all the buzz was about,” “Sucker Free” segment producer Jiro Kohl told Sway. “Everyone’s talking about it, so it was a good time to see it from the foundation.”

Chicago native, revered producer and Def Jam VP No I.D was tapped to narrate the footage, which spotlights emerging artists from his hometown. “He’s the godfather of that whole movement, so it was good to get him,” “Sucker Free” producer Theron Smith said. “He navigates us through each person and each segment that going to be in the show. He’s pretty much giving us a summary of who they are and how they impact the culture.”

“He was very into it,” Kohl added, explaining why No I.D. was a perfect fit for the project. “One of the great things he said about Chief Keef is, ‘Hip hop is not about over-lyricism, it’s not about a lot of things that people [use to define hip-hop], it’s about honesty.’ And that’s what Chief Keef is, he represents and honest portrayal of him and his peers.”

In addition to behind-the-scenes footage and in-depth interviews with artists like Chief Keef—who had his hit “I Don’t Like” remixed by Kanye West and signed with Interscope Records a couple months later--the “Sucker Free” team also got some of the city’s young talent to reminisce about Chicago veterans who paved the way for their success, like incarcerated rapper Bump J.

“Now we’re at the level that he was on, so we can be the voice for the new city,” King Louie says, matter-of-factly, while Sir Michael Rocks of The Cool Kids adds, “It’s time for us to show a side of the country that they ain’t never seen before.”

Tune into MTV2 to catch “Sucker Free: Chicago” on Sunday July 15 at 11am and 11pm.