Chris Brown Shows Off SnakeTattoo

By Miranda Johnson

Chris Brown’s newest addition to his vast assortment of tattoos is a large snake, with some rather odd symbols that already have people screaming “illuminati.” Although the detail work of the actual snake is nothing short of amazing, it’s the tail that’s got the buzz going, being that the artwork at the tip closely resembles a symbol heavily flaunted by the “secret society.”

On Thursday, via Twitter, Breezy unveiled his newest back tat, a sharp-toothed venomous snake with a triangle and eye on its tail. He tweeted, “The impossible triangle: year of the snake!!!!!!” Although most may interpret the tip’s artwork as a symbol of Breezy making an alliance, it can also be explained as him watching his back, in light of all the recent drama surrounding him.

Chris Brown's Fortune #1 On Billboard Chart

The skillful set of ink is not the first odd tatt that Brown grabbed this month either, as the superstar also got what he described as a "an Indian chief transforming into a wolf” tatted a few weeks prior.

The new ink received mixed reactions from fans; some loved it while others thought that Chris should relax on the tattoos. However, normally not being too prone to people’s opinions, Breezy must being doing something right as his album still reigns the top of the charts.