Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Mimi Faust Kicking Stevie J Out

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta - Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

By Miranda Johnson

The moment all "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" fans have been waiting on will soon arrive as Mimi Faust finally kicks cheating boyfriend Stevie J to the curb. In the next approaching episode, Mimi will explain to viewers why she has decided to move on from Stevie even taking the liberty of packing up his things to speed up the process.

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“I have had it with Stevie. I’m packing up his s---- so I can get it out my house. He has proven he can’t be faithful, so I’m moving on," Mimi states in an episode 5 confessional.

Though at first Mimi seems stern in her dismissal of Stevie she later regresses stating she would ideally like the relationship to work out. “I would love to fix my relationship, who wouldn’t? He’s the father of my child. [But] if it’s not going to work then f--- it!”

And as for Ariane, Mimi’s ever comforting friend, she would like nothing more than for Mimi to embark on a new chapter in life leaving Stevie in the past. “It’s all going well, and then Stevie gets bored all of the sudden. And, he just does hurtful s--- to Mimi. But Mimi’s to blame too. She welcomes him back with open arms as if nothing happened,” explains Ariane.

With Stevie portrayed on TV as a constant cheater, liar, and degrader of women, can anyone really blame Mimi?