The-Dream Fires Back At Christina Milian's Parenting Criticism

By Carter Maness

While promoting the ESSENCE Music Festival last weekend, singer Christina Milian took some shots at her ex-husband The-Dream. After strongly implying he was a deadbeat dad, The-Dream, real name Terius Nash, responded by calling her a gold digger whose 15 minutes of fame are almost up.

Milian's comments to The Box were about her unhappiness with how Nash has avoided their daughter Violet. "It's not about finances, it's about spending time," she said. "We live in different cities… There are planes and plenty of money for airplanes so… I'm not one of those who withhold their children from their baby daddy. I don't do that."

Nash, ever emotional, took to Twitter after reading her comments last night (July 12). "She had a plan to come up before she met me I called her on it," he wrote. "Go digging for gold u might find it… But it's hard to carry that much weight."

He continued blasting Milian and the people that buy into her criticism. "Publicity Stunt. Are people really this Stupid," he continued. "If I had a serious issue concerning care for a loved one, I'd call the source. Has been…"

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