No Malice's Hear Ye Him LP Will Be 'Street Hip-Hop At Its Finest'

By Carter Maness

Since their 2009 album Til The Casket Drops, Clipse rappers Pusha T and No Malice (formerly known as Malice) have gone down very different roads. While Pusha signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music imprint and has gained more mainstream success for his hard street raps, Malice has taken a righteous, religious path, penning a book called "Wretched, Poor, Blind & Naked" that details his journey to spiritual enlightenment. Now, Malice tells RapFix how life-changing events four years ago led to his idea to write the book.

"Before the book, we were everywhere, just touring," he said. "A little bit before that, actually it was in '08, I had some life-changing events happen to me. Things that could not be denied."

Instead of settling for a personal lesson and growth, Malice felt the drive to share his knowledge with the world. "Everything that happened to me, I knew that it was for me to share with the platform I had been given. I decided to make a book," he added. "It's definitely my legacy."

He explained that the scripture which inspired the book's title seemed very fitting. "The scripture says, 'You claim that you are rich and you say you are in need of nothing, but you are actually wretched, pitiful, poor blind and naked,' and those adjectives definitely described me and my state of being at the time."

Now that the first book is behind him, Malice is spreading his new gospel through music again. Hear Ye Him will be his first solo effort, and he's emphasized that it will still be street hip-hop (not gospel), but with a different perspective. He also plans to publish a second book in the future and give new artists a platform on his upcoming project.

On that next Clipse album: "We're working diligently."