Erica Talks 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Fight, Says Joseline Hit Her

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Details are surfacing about the colossal fight on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" last night. Cast member Erica talked to Power 105.1's Breakfast Club today and explained that the fight was heavily edited.

She says Joseline aka "Jose" hit her and then security jumped on everyone. Erica adds that Stevie J's sideline chick Joseline (who Erica refers to as a man) was the main catalyst for the fight after she accused Erica of sleeping with the producer. Erica denies the allegations. The entire fight started after Stevie J called Erica a slew of slurs including "bitch" on a previous week's episode.

Erica also shared with the Power 105 team how Bucky aka Shay (a reality TV star of sorts from Flavor of Love 2) is Scrappy's longtime friend and she may have very well smashed Scrappy as many fans are speculating. When asked about Scrappy's famous ex, rapper Diamond, Erica brushes off the whole thing. "It's not that deep," she says. Sadly, Erica and her boo are no longer together. "We are not together. We are co-parenting. We are friends."

Following the throw down on last night's episode, Erica tells the girls that she needs a sit down with Joseline. "I love Stevie, but he's smashed so many girls, that I KNOW he forgot about a couple of them," says Joseline, despite Erica's denial. "It is what is it until we meet them again," says Stevie and threatens to "show him [Scrappy] a lesson."