B2K's Raz B Severely Damages Wrist In Odd Hotel Accident

Raz B is recovering after surviving what he says was a near death experience. After wrapping a concert in Shanghai, China on Sunday the B2K singer was hanging in his hotel room, where he tripped and fell through a glass door, cutting his wrist.

Raz told TMZ that he tried to break his fall after tripping, but instead crashed through a nearby glass door which severely damaged his wrist, destroying nerves, tendons and ligaments, exposing his bone. From here the singer says he passed out and when someone alerted hotel staff an ambulance arrived to take him away.

When he arrived at Huashan Hospital Fudan University in Shanghai, he underwent surgery for 5 hours to repair his wrist and he was released on Monday. He has postponed his current tour dates in light of the accident. TMZ obtained photos of the singer in the hospital, but refrained from sharing one of the most gruesome images.