Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Ep 4: An Abortion, Stevie J And Scrappy Fight

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Things got hot last night on  "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" as tensions simmered to an all-time high. We found out that Joseline is no longer pregnant after having an abortion, which she was escorted to by good ol' Stevie J. "I won't let him do this to me again," a tearful Joseline confesses.

"I'm here for you. Don't cry," says the always calm and cool Stevie. The abortion doesn't assuage Mimi and she and Stevie have a verbal argument. "You always want to f--- bitches but you never want to handle s--- after the fact," says Mimi. "You can exit stage left!" The master of mind games, Stevie, doesn't even break a sweat (under his black vest without a shirt ensemble).

Elsewhere in bad relationships, Scrappy is elated to move into his new bachelor pad and shares an awkward poolside rub down with his "best friend" Shay a.k.a. Bucky from "Flavor Of Love 2" and "Charm School" (Blast from the reality show past) while Erica tells her mother that despite their new found distance, "In the end, I'm going to have a ring."

Erica Talks 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Fight, Says Joseline Hit Her

With no one to turn to, Stevie commiserates about his beleaguered relationship with Mimi with even more beleaguered rapper Benzino (Google "The Benzino Project" if you need a refresher on who this guy is). "You gotta clean your house up...It takes focus away from your music," Benzino advises his friend and tells him to fix his relationship with Mimi. "The word of the day is 'Monogamous,'" he urges. Is Benzino the new Dr. Drew?

Now onto the main event! While at the studio with Joseline, Stevie gets into a huge throw down with Scrappy over his insults at Erica. Stevie apologizes and initially Scrappy appears calm, even logical. "The only time I ever heard of you was VH1 Behind the scenes [Music] with Eve," says Scrappy to Stevie. Another blast from the past we'd like to forget. Then everyone's favorite instigator Joseline jumps in and accuses Erica of sleeping with Stevie. All hell breaks loose in the A. Cue fighting, Scrappy getting a bloody grill and Stevie even apparently biting Scrappy. Entourages and hangers on have to break the two screaming parties apart and Stevie J and Joseline eventually drive away into the night.

The girls have a recap of the fight and Erica says she needs a sit down with Joseline which can only mean more drama.  Joseline cooks Stevie breakfast and the two lovebirds, er coworkers, talk things through. "I don't remember smashing her," says Stevie, stoking the fires. "I love Stevie, but he's smashed so many girls, that I KNOW he forgot about a couple of them," says Joseline. "It is what is it until we meet them again," says Stevie and threatens to "show him [Scrappy] a lesson." Round two coming soon!

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