Machine Gun Kelly Gets Candid About Oral Sex With Black Girls

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Machine Gun Kelly is living up to his "wild boy" image off wax as well. MGK recently talked to Baller Alert at the 2012 BET Awards red carpet about his penchant for black women. "My child is black. Black girls give the best h---," the rapper said matter-of-factly.

When asked to explain, he said, "Y'all either give the best h--- or you say you don't give h---." The rapper continued to elaborate, which caused another black correspondent within earshot to allegedly become so annoyed that she left.

Fans on Twitter shared similar sentiments. "*falls* what kind of mess?" asked one while another added, "i feel sorry for his publicist." Some took the comments with humor though with tweets like "This guy is hilarious,""Thank you white devil?!?!" and "Machine Gun Kelly is wild lol."

MGK had plenty to talk about beside sexual positions at the BET Awards red carpet. That same night, he talked to MTV News about his recent beef with Yelawolf. "I love him, man. You gotta respect your elders, and he's an old man so I gotta give it up," the 22-year old told MTV News, mocking Yelawolf, who is 10 years older. "I respect all grandpas around the world doin' it big. Salute."

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