Childish Gambino Has Tina Fey Rapping About ‘Racks’ On Royalty

By Carter Maness

Actor, comedian and rapper Donald Glover, better known in the hip-hop world as Childish Gambino, dropped an Independence Day mixtape called Royalty that included a surprisingly odd guest verse. Yes, in addition to features from Beck, Bun B, Danny Brown and Ghostface Killah, Childish unveiled a crazy collaboration with comedian Tiny Fey as MTV Newsroom reports.

The “30 Rock” creator and star drops-by on the effort’s final track, “Real Estate.” The clear Rick Ross satire breezes by with Gambino and Alley Boy Swank trading barbs. Then Fey comes out of nowhere, dropping “racks at Nordstroms” and remarking “my president is black, my Prius is blue.”

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