Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Ep 3: Stevie J vs. Mimi, Joseline, Scrappy

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

The pregnancy scandal between Stevie J and Joseline kicked off last night's episode of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta." Stevie admitted to sleeping with his artist ("Did I hit it? Yeah," he says) but dodged any responsibility for the alleged bun in the oven.

Meanwhile, in Scrappyland, Erica tried to put the sexy moves on her man to show him that she can be affectionate. Despite a PG-13 foot rub, Scrappy told his baby mama that he's getting his own bachelor pad. So much for rose petals and candlelight.

One of the few working women on the show, Rasheeda, continued to struggle with her hubby/manager Kirk about going to a major label. Kirk hopes to relinquish his daily duties in order to keep his wife while Rasheeda is fiercely indie. Speaking of industry problems, K. Michelle was forced to face her past demons and the reputation she garnered while at Jive. Despite a moderately successful showcase, K was served a huge slice of humble pie when veteran manager Jeff Robinson told K. that her crazy, sleazy reputation precedes her in the industry. If she wants to work with him and make it in the game, she had better clean up her rep, advises Robinson.

The showcase was overshadowed when Stevie started acting out, albeit drunkenly. Mimi snubbed her man and refused to give him a kiss and Erica poked fun at the incident. The producer went into a tizzy and began cursing out Erica for her jabs and blamed it later on being inebriated. Too bad Scrappy didn't see it that way. He threatened to rough up and "put paws" on Stevie for what he said to his lady. "I'm going to be very politically hood correct," said Scrappy, on how he'll deal with the situation. Grab your popcorn, kiddos. This is going to be a good fight!

The episode ended with Mimi and Joseline sitting down and exchanging insults. Stevie walked in (did we mention that he walked in with Joseline's pregnancy test?) and the argument turned into a heated free-for-all. Mimi ends up storming off, giving the two lovers time to fight. Stevie and Joseline had a verbal throw down that included the producer threatening to send Joseline "back to the strip club." Cue tears and more finger pointing. Joseline said that Stevie is controlling and hangs her stripper past over her. "I gave you another life," said Stevie to which Jos responded, "I'm not going back!" Stevie, clearly agitated, ended the conversation with an insult, compliment knockout: "Watch how you speak to me, Joseline. You look nice by the way." Spoken like a true pimp.