Slim Thug's 'Creepin' Video Is An Update Of 'Still Tippin'

By Maurice Bobb

It’s not an accident that Slim Thug’s new video for “Creepin’” bears a striking resemblance to the visuals for “Still Tippin’,” the song with the trademark chopped and screwed sound that started it all for Houston.  The déjà vu-inducing clip was orchestrated by director Michael Artis to pay homage to the seminal Swishahouse track.

“It really is an updated version of ‘Still Tippin’’ to show boys what we doin’ now,” Thugga told RapFix.  “It’s just us really having fun and representing for the city.”

The video, featuring the 6’6” Thug, Paul Wall and veteran spitter Bun B, was shot in the rural Acres Homes section of Houston, along with scenes from downtown and various other Space City landmarks. Video vixen Maliah Michel also makes a cameo in the video.  When the song originally dropped late last year, Drake’s exotic dancing ex released a viral video of her pole dancing to the song.

“We here for the “Creepin’” video shoot gettin’ it in, having fun, showing boys how we swang and bang slabs down here in H-Town,” Wall told MTV News.  “This song is part of the new sound and swag comin’ out of H-Town.”

The Beaumont-bred Artis, who interned under seasoned music video directors such as Boomtown, Joseph Kahn and Dr. Teeth, cued up the gyrating girls and the tricked out whips for the G-Luck/B-Don produced track and let the trio of MC’s show the world that ain’t a damn thing changed in H-Town since they broke through in 2006.

“We reintroducing the themes them boys came with on Still Tippin’,” Bun told MTV.  “We still got the cars, still got the women, still got the jewelry.  Just lettin’ boys know ain’t nothin’ changed in H-Town.  We still here, we still gettin’ it and doing it big in every way: music, streets, movies, however you wanna talk about it, we just out here representing for the city and giving y’all something y’all something y’all can see, something y’all can feel, so y’all can represent with us.”