Lupe Fiasco Debuts Food & Liquor 2 Single 'Bitch Bad'

By Miranda Johnson

Following the controversial release of his lead single “Around My Way," Lupe Fiasco has finally dropped the second single off his upcoming LP titled “Bitch Bad." Both tracks will appear on Lupe’s fourth studio album, Food & Liquor 2 pt. 1 due out September 25.

On the based out track, Lupe raps about the overuse and misconceptions of “bad bitch" rapping, “Imagine a group of girls 9-12 on the Internet watching videos, listening to songs by themselves. Doesn’t really matter if they have parental clearance, they understand the Internet better than their parents. Now being the Internet, the content probably uncensored/They’re young so they’re malleable and probably unmentored. A complicated combination probably with no relevance until their intelligence meets their favorite singer’s preference, bad bitches, bad bitches that’s all I want and all I like in life. Now let’s say that they are less concerned with him and more with the video girl acquiescent to his whims."

The single released prior to this one, titled “Around My Way” sparked a bit of controversy with rap veteran Pete Rock. C.L. Smooth’s former partner claimed that the track was a travesty of the duo’s hit song “They Reminisce Over You."