Chris Brown, Drake Offered $1 Million To Fight In Boxing Ring

By Miranda Johnson

Out of all the things emerging from the Chris Brown and Drake club brawl, this has to be the most amusing. The two musicians have been offered $1 million to take their frustrations to the ring. That’s right, both Drizzy and Breezy have been offered a milli to duke it out in a public rematch at the Los Angeles Staple Center.

Although it’s almost guaranteed that this will never happen, Celebrity Boxing will be waiting if the two superstars ever decide to let off some steam. “We have promoted 55 Celebrity Fights and this would be the most interesting of all,” Damon Feldman of Celebrity Boxing says. We have to agree.

The fight would potentially be held at L.A.’s Staples Center on August 25th and aside from pure enjoyment this potential match would be for a good cause, as all the proceeds would be donated to a charity.

If the entertainers did go forward with this boxing match who do you think would win? Well according to 50 Cent, Chris Brown would definitely take the W.

“I guess it’s ’cause of all the physical things with dancin’ and movin’,” Fif told San Francisco radio station KMEL recently. “He be slippin’ and movin’. I don’t see Drake doing that. Chris be havin’ his shirt off. He got one of them MMA fighter looks. Like he might have did karate when he was a kid. He kickin’, doin’ splits and stuff. This could really get interesting.”