Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Episode 2: Pregnancy Tests, 20 Percent

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By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Last night's episode of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" is even more explosive than the premiere. We pick up following Stevie J and Mimi's fall-out. The two end up finally speaking during which time Stevie says his family is his first priority. Mimi pulls no punches and asks him about Joseline.

"Are you f---ing this girl?" she asks to which Stevie responds, through laughter, "No I'm not. I'm not f---ing her." He then says he'll give her 5% of Joseline's project as compensation to which Mimi responds, "I want 10%" Hit him where it hurts, Mimi.

Mimi isn't joking around and presents her trifling hubby with actual contractual paperwork to solidify her music deal. 10% has now become a whopping 20% which angers Stevie. "That's what Diddy was getting!" he cries, but eventually acquiesces.

During all of the hubbub, we meet another new cast member, "underground female rapper" Rasheeda, who has been signed to major labels like Motown and Jive in the past. Being an independent artist is hard especially while juggling wife and motherhood. Did we mention that her manager, Kirk, is also her husband? Awkward! The duo often argue and bring their work issues into the bedroom. "I want to sell 1 million + albums independent!" touts Kirk. While shooting Rasheeda's new video, manager and wife get into it over her lateness and diva attitude.

Elsewhere in Hotlanta, Karlie heads to the studio to have a sit-down with Stevie and ends up having an altercation with Joseline. She circumvents Stevie and Joseline and ends up asking (and getting) permission to work with Stevie from Mimi who sees Karlie as dollar signs as well as a distraction for Stevie from Joseline.

In other relationship train wreck news, Erica and her mother have a sit-down and talk about Scrappy's shortcomings. "He seems like he's at a standstill," says Erica's mother but Erica can't see it. Love is a mutha, ain't it? Scrappy opens up that he's not living as well as during his heyday, which has taken a toll on his relationship with Erica. "I just want peace of mind," says Scrappy, lamenting about being an independent artist.

The episode comes to a head when Joseline tells Stevie that she's late on her period and fears that she's pregnant. We see the singer taking a pregnancy test and physically breaking down. She then walks over the actual test strip and hands it to Stevie. So much for boundaries... Stevie tries to comfort Joseline and makes no qualms to show that he does not support her pregnancy.

"So what you gonna do about this?" he asks then says flatly, "Let's find a solution...You have to start being more careful." Stevie then asks Joseline to reveal the identity of her baby's father; she first plays coy and then says to him matter-of-factly, "I ain't f--- no one for the last six months but you." What the what? Did she just admit to smashing her producer/Daddy? Drama overload!!