Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Lil Scrappy's Fight With Stevie J Is Very 'Real'

By Rob Markman

The second episode of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" airs on Monday night (June 25) on VH1, and this time the boys get into some drama of their own. Lil Scrappy gets into a heated exchange with producer Stevie J, and the Atlanta rapper tells MTV News that there was nothing fake about the fight.

"It was a situation; it was a real situation," Scrap said when he appeared on "RapFix Live" on Wednesday.

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According to Scrappy, the argument began after Stevie disrespected recurring castmember Erica, Scrappy's child's mother. The ATL MC feels that if Stevie had a problem with Erica, he should've bypassed her and addressed Scrappy instead. "Like I told him, you can walk off, you don't gotta disrespect no female," he said. "If you really wanna do something, ask her where her man at and tell him you wanna throw hands, you wanna take the fade, and I would've been happy to do that."

Though Stevie and Scrappy are accomplished musicians and both now reside in the same city, Scrap says prior to the show neither he nor Erica had a personal connection to the multiplatinum producer, who has done work for the likes of Diddy, Jay-Z and Mariah Carey. "He didn't even ask — he didn't know who she was. All he knew is she was a part of the situation and he wanted to pop off," Scrappy said.

The "Money in the Bank" MC wouldn't give away the details of the fisticuffs, but he did shoot down whispers that he, his mother and his child's mother were following a script. "I don't know about the whole show and how [Stevie J.] do his end. I know my team Scrappy — we real on that side," he said.

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