OMG Girlz Encourage Fans To Live Their Dreams

The OMG Girlz - Music News

The OMG Girlz are gearing up to drop their official debut Officially Miss Guided on October 2, teasing the release with their latest video “Where the Boys At?” When MTV News caught up with the dynamic trio recently, they assured us that they will continue promoting their message of girl power through music, encouraging their peers to stay in school and, most importantly, live their dreams.

“A lot of girls who are young, at an impressionable age, see all of these women on TV that are fighting and arguing and they see women who are just taking care of basketball players, and they think that’s realistic,” Beauty explained to MTV News, emphasizing how important it is to set a better example. “Our message to them is just to be independent. We just want to tell them that that’s not realistic, that’s not life. You can go and do stuff on your own and girls can be friends and they can help each other no matter what.”

Both Star and Baby Doll agreed, giving Beauty some love for her explanation, before adding a final message. “We love all of our girls, [they’re] beautiful intelligent women, you can do anything,” Baby Doll said. “Your dreams are out there. Stay in school, [because] you’re intelligent, keep building that intelligence. We’re in school, we're graduating and you’re gonna graduate too!”

In the newly released video for their single “Where the Boys At?” Star, Beauty and Baby Doll almost give dad T.I a heart attack as they mingle a tad too closely with boys their age.

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