Cash Out Explains Akon Mix Up At ATL's Birthday Bash

Music News

By Miranda Johnson

Even though Cash Out recently burst onto the scene with his number one hit "Cashin' Out," he still knows all too well the struggles of being an upcoming rapper. The Atlanta native recently sat down for an interview on “RapFix Live” and explained how a recent mishap with Akon at the Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash nearly ruined his performance.

“Akon was waiting on me man. He wanted to come out so bad and support me man but it was a situation going on there as far as the band thing,” he said. “So I had to turn up on my own, it was crazy. “

He later expressed disappointment telling host Sway Calloway, “I kept it professional though. Still went on stage. Did my thing. But some things happen especially when you’re a new artist. That’s why the next show is going to be even better. Going to be able to bring out whoever you want to. You just got to prove that point you know.”

In spite of the slight misfortune Cash was sure to make it clear that although he suffered a few mix ups, he wasn’t going to let anything ruin his first time gracing the Birthday Bash stage. “But it was still crazy, a great show, 20 thousand people going hard on the “Cashing out” song man,” he said. “It was a blessing just to be on the stage for the first time you know. Last year I was in the crowd. This year I’m on the stage and next year it’s going to be even better. I’mma be doing bigger and better things.”

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