Wiz Khalifa And Snoop Dogg’s 'Mac And Devin' Trailer Released

By Miranda Johnson

After a long wait and an impressive soundtrack, rap’s favorite marijuana enthusiasts, Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg have finally released the trailer to their highly anticipated flick, “Mac and Devin Go to High School.” The comedy film stars the two rapper as they relive their high school days as two total opposites, a scholar and a pothead that cross paths resulting in a hilarious journey.

Snoop spoke about the project saying, “Through us doing each other’s videos we found time to sit down and hang out. I decided to say, ‘Hey, look Wiz let’s not just do videos how about we create a movie where we flashback and we go to high school.’ And we just take everybody on a ride with two characters that people can really relate to, Devin [Oglestreet] and Mac With The Sack. So we created the idea. Got with my homeboy [Pookie] Brown. He wrote it out, we applied it, shot it, got it did, and it’ll be in a theatre near you real soon.”

He continued speaking about the soundtrack, “But in the meantime between time we did a soundtrack. Be sure to pick that up. It’s off the hook. 12 bangers from top to bottom. Snoop Dogg with Wiz Khalifa, Devin and Mac and we do go to high school,” Snoop said.

Along with Snoop, Wiz has also recently hit the studio with another rap veteran. Yesterday Fifty cent and Wiz back released their new collab record, "Telescope" a track off the Pittsburgh rapper's upcoming album O.N.I.F.C.