LeBron James, Miami Heat Win NBA Championship: Rappers React

LeBron James is currently enjoying 'the happiest day' of his life. If the image of him embracing the championship trophy in the American Airlines Arena on Thursday night (June 21) wasn't enough to prove that, the playoffs MVP said the words out loud, after his team defeated the OKC Thunder 121-106 in NBA Finals game 5 to win the 2012 Championship. Miami dominated game 5 at home and by the fourth quarter it was pretty clear that this was their game. James, who was berated for the fanfare surrounding his controversial move to the Heat in 2010, had one very important thing to say about the win: "It's about damn time." Twitter is flooded with reactions to the Heat's victory, including plenty from the hip-hop community.

@MeekMill If u a Lebron hater tonight's not ya night! Lol. S/o 2 okc they went hard this year!!!!!

@Acehood Gotta give it 2 OKC they balled out this year! Str8 up!. Might see me in da club tonight Holding the championship Trophy!!! Lol

@BigBoi RT @JoiGilliam: Ain't nobody gotta cry for OKC. Those youngstas bout to crank up a new school dynasty ASAP This HAD to happen. #Heat2012

?@BunBTrillOGHats off to the Miami Heat! Salute to the Oklahoma City Thunder! Great series.

After tweeting a close up photo of James and Durant from his court side seat, Mack Maine shared an enthusiastic congratulations. @mackmaine "My ni--az deserved that!!!! Congrats to the Heat great season to the Thunder!!! Great series great basketball!!! ?I don't wanna remember tonight tomorrow!!!!"

Even Ma$e chimed in. @saintmason "Now I know y I love 23 so much. He was the best every night & in every series. His drive was never inspired by losing. #DoItWhenItCounts"

@Pill4180 S/O to all the jus joined the bandwagon Heat fans! Yall deserve it!!! Way to not stay down with your original team.. O_o"

@frank_ocean happy for the heat too. not cosigning the lebron hatred. great ball player."

@noreaga "Kongrats heat."

@9thWonderMusic the crowd in Miami doesn't even act like they won the jam.....get HYPE Miami

@RomeoMiller Congratulations to the Miami Heat. Well deserved championship, and to my Thunder boys #thunderUP you'll be back...

@chamillionaire "I have decided to take my talents to South Beach" - DFishPostGameInterview

@jtimberlake Congrats to Lebron, D Wade, Bosh, and most of all my buddy Mike Miller on that ring tonight! That's how you make it rain, Mike!! Haha!"

Noticeably missing from the immediate post-game commentary was the sports authority himself, Lil Wayne. Sup' Weezy, can't find an Internet connection?