Missy Elliott Gets Scandalous On M.I.A’s 'Bad Girls (Switch Remix)'

By Miranda Johnson

Missy Elliott has teamed up with M.I.A and rising star Rye Rye for yet another remix of M.I.A’s “live fast, die young” anthem, “Bad Girls." On the Switch remix, the rap veteran brings new flavor to her iconic flow, without skimping out on the vintage Missy we all know and love.

She spits, “They call me Missy Miss Bad Bitch, No I’m not like the average. Try to come for Miss, get smashed just like ham sandwiches. Scandalous, Vandalous, M.I.A they can’t handle this. We on fire like a candle stick and get the crowd pumped up like asses."

Get ready to hear much more from the “Minute Man” rapper as she and longtime friend and collaborator Timbaland are planning a big comeback, releasing two albums simultaneously this summer. During a recent interveiw with MTV News Timbaland spoke on the projects saying, "Right now, we're preparing to get both our videos, our first singles, shot kinda at the same time. We want to do it as a movement and spontaneously."

Missy was recently featured on J. Cole's smash hit "Nobody's Perfect," appearing in the video as well.