OMG Girlz Worry T.I. In 'Where The Boys At?' Video

By Miranda Johnson

The OMG Girlz's latest video “Where the Boys At?” certainly has no shortage of fun, color, and mischief, plus a guest appearance from T.I. “Where the Boys At?” is the second single off of the trio’s debut album Officially Miss Guided, due out October 2.

In the clip group members Star, Beauty, and Baby Doll nearly give dad T.I a heart attack as they mingle a tad too closely with their male admirers. Throughout the clip Tip is seen keeping a close eye on the clan, making sure their company doesn’t attempt any fast moves, and for the most part the girls manage to keep everything under wraps, successfully concealing their agendas.

However, their freedom does get revoked once they become too comfortable and start to show off their dance moves to the approving young boys. Almost instantly, T.I., who has been keeping surveillance from afar appears yelling, “What is going on? Why are you gyrating in public?" Tip demands in the closing scene. "Get back in that boat and put on your loose pajamas, onesies and fuzzy slippers!"

Last fall the girls performed dates on their "Scream Tour: The Next Generation."