Chris Brown, Drake Brawl: Four Victims Share Stories

By Gil Kaufman

Save for some details from Meek Mill, who was with Drake on the night of the infamous brawl with Chris Brown, there haven't been any major updates from the parties involved. Instead, new victims continue to come forward with information,with the latest one bringing it to a total of four clubgoers who claimed that they were caught in the crossfire.

The latest alleged victim spoke up on Tuesday, telling TMZ that she thinks Drake is the one to blame for the fight and that she plans to sue him over her injuries.

The woman, Vladimira Brace, has hired a lawyer, who is claiming that his client suffered a spinal injury when she was trampled in the chaos that erupted at the SoHo nightclub W.i.P. in the early morning hours of June 14. Attorney Allan Friedman has reportedly sent a letter to Drake's reps that alleges, "Your client instigated a brawl with Mr. Chris Brown ... [Drake's] actions were reckless and negligent in inflaming a violent mob ... My client personally observed several members of [Drake's] entourage throwing bottles of champagne with reckless and criminal disregard of the well-being of the innocent bystanders." Drake's spokespeople have denied his involvement in the fight, saying he exited the club before it began.

Quoting unnamed sources close to Drake, TMZ said the rapper's reps called Friedman's allegations "laughable," referring to the attorney's claims that the Toronto MC has a "well-documented history" of making "vulgar, abusive and profane remarks concerning women."

Drake's people noted that he was at the club with just a few security guards, unlike Brown and fellow rapper Meek Mill?, who they claim had large entourages with them. And, in light of Brown's past, which includes a felony assault plea? in connection with his 2009 attack on former girlfriend Rihanna, Drake's reps said the suggestion that their guy has an abuse history with women is hard to justify.

Brace is the fourth woman to come forward with claims that she was injured in the fight.

In addition to Brown, who posted a photo of his split chin, as well as the singer's bodyguard, who sustained a head injury, NBA star Tony Parker and Australian tourist Hollie C., have claimed injuries from the fight. Also, a 21-year-old model, Ingrid Gutierrez, claims to have suffered a blow to the head from a bottle and her lawyer said she may require plastic surgery. Another victim, Lucy Pavlovsky, said she suffered a gash to the arm that required 12 stitches and she too is said to be considering legal action against the responsible parties.

Police have not made any arrests over the incident, but they have subpoenaed the security tapes from the club and are reviewing them.