Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta Season Premiere: Recap

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By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Last night, "Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta" premiered with a thrown drink and plenty of infidelity to pass around. One of the most buzzed-about plot lines involved producer Stevie J (who has worked with artists like Diddy and Mariah Carey in the past) and his long-suffering girl, Mimi. Stevie tries to wow his lady with a new house which just so happens to be oh-so-far from his Atlanta studio. Mimi is worried that Stevie is spending way too much time in the studio with his new artist, former stripper Joseline.

Based on the shortness of Joseline's daisy dukes and her overt affection towards her manager/producer, there's something visibly going on between these cozy coworkers.

Another relationship in peril is the love triangle between rapper Lil' Scrappy, his girl Erica and his mother Momma Dee. Scrappy and Erica have a tumultuous history that includes a public affair he had with rapper Diamond and now, he and Erica are just getting back on course. Scrappy complains that Erica isn't as affectionate with him as he wants but she's clearly still hurt by his indiscretions. Unfortunately, Scrappy's very opinionated mother Dee (a former pimp who coddles her "famous rapper" son) isn't sold that Erica is the girl for her baby boy and makes no efforts to hide her displeasure. Could this be another Chrissy/Mama Jones conflict? Only time will tell.

Elsewhere in the A, artists Rasheeda and K. Michelle desperately try to reignite their stalled music careers. K opens up about a music industry executive who duped her out of "$2 million" and physically beat her. She eventually got out of her bad label deal and is trying to restart her career. Will fans be receptive to her down-and-out R&B? Karlie Redd is another singer trying to make her mark on the music industry. When the Jamaican singer meets with Stevie J and Joseline, she is shocked by the romantic spark that has been driving Mimi crazy. Perhaps the most awkward moment is when Joseline calls Stevie "Daddy." So much for Human Resources in the studio.

The episode culminates at K. Michelle's birthday when the Stevie J/Joseline/Mimi romantic turmoil comes to a head. Karlie claims that Stevie J is Joseline's "man" and that she saw the twosome kissing publicly. Stevie and Joseline play dumb and understandably, Mimi flies off the handle. Verbals jabs are thrown and Stevie subsequently throws a drink on Joseline's fur (which she apparently got from Neiman Marcus). "I ain't really having a good time!" Stevie tries to explain to Mimi. "That bitch ain't see nothing! Just making shit up!" he says.

Without resolving the situation with his girl, Stevie jumps into Joseline's car and the two drive off.