Drake Didn’t Take Jabs At Chris Brown During Club Paradise Show

By Rob Markman

When you have a story as big as Drake versus Chris Brown you can surely expect tons of rumors and sadly, even some false reports funneled through the media. It was all eyes on Drizzy when he took his Club Paradise tour to Jones Beach in New York on Saturday night, with fans and reporters wondering if he would in any way address Breezy. The Toronto MC did allude to the incident when he told fans that he was feeling great despite a few rough nights, but  reports that Drake dissed Chris Brown before bringing out Waka Flocka Flame are completely false.

Chris Brown's Public Beefs, Before Drake: A History

Throughout the duration of show Drake told a narrative about what he dubbed “the greatest club in the world.” In between every few songs the YMCMB star would deliver a new piece of the story which by the end was supposed to give fans the full Club Paradise experience and as we know, sometimes the nightclub can be a testy place.

“You been having a good night so far, you done had a couple of drinks, you done met a couple of thangs, but then a n---a in the corner start lookin’ at you funny and you feel a motherf---in’ way about it,” Drake said with hints of anger in his voice. “And then somebody goin’ to the bathroom bumps you with their elbow and you’re like what the f---?”

Numerous media outlets and blog sites assumed the OVO general’s monologue was directed at Chris Brown, who he and his entourage reportedly got into a bottle-throwing brawl with on Thursday morning. It all sounds very plausible, but Drake repeats that same monologue at every Club Paradise show before he introduces Waka Flocka Flame to the stage.

“You know at that time in my life, there is really only one n---a that I want to hear,” he says before bringing out the “O Let’s Do It” rapper to perform with him. MTV News was on hand at Drake’s Houston, Atlanta and New Jersey stops and each time it was the same thing. Sorry conspiracy theorists.