Machine Gun Kelly Banned From New York City Concert

By Rob Markman

We already know Machine Gun Kelly is a wild boy, but now the Cleveland, Ohio rapper's bad boy rep may cost him. Not only is MGK being sued by a club bouncer, Kellz may also be facing a ban at New York City's Highline Ballroom where he is scheduled to perform Sunday night with Tech N9ne. Still the Hottest Breakthrough MC insists that he is being unfairly targeted.

MGK broke the news on-air on Saturday in an interview with G-Unit's DJ Whoo Kid during his Shade 45 radio show. Kelly said because of his reputation New York City police were restricting him from taking the stage tomorrow night. RapFix reached out to an MGK rep who confirmed that Highline brass has communicated to them that because of MGK's January arrest after a fight in a Florida club and because of the recent Drake/Chris Brown drama in NYC the NYPD has urged the venue to keep Kelly off the stage on Sunday. The rep pointed out that the rapper has performed twice at the Highline without incident.

Kelly is extremely disappointed about missing out on tomorrow night's show. After he left the radio station this afternoon the Bad Boy rapper took to Twitter to vent his frustration. "PSA: the NYPD have banned me from tomorrows show at the [Highline] Ballroom. I've been wrongfully stereotyped because of a bullish-- story," he wrote.

"Tired of being judged for false sh--! I rap my ass off, I leave my heart on the stage and I'm fueled by the love for my fans," he continued. "I will be back to give my NY fans the show you deserve!"

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