Meek Mill Removes Himself From Chris Brown, Drake Fight

As details continue to emerge in this brawl between Chris Brown and Drake—or, at least their entourages—words on Twitter are adding even more fuel to the fire. Meek Mill was present at the time of the incident, and sources have speculated that he was somehow involved in perpetuating the fight, but when Roscoe Dash called out all three parties involved on Twitter, the MMG rapper shot back.

Drake, Chris Brown, Meek Mill Fighting Over Rihanna?

Roscoe sent out a few tweets, expressing his disappointment in Drake, Brown, and Meek, writing, “I'm really hoping all this bs abt @Drake & @Meekmill and the homie @Chrisbrown is false Smfh!! All imma say is jumping ni----s and swinging bottles over a woman who doesn't belong to ANYBODY!!! Aynt gangsta at all!.. no points given. I gotta say Lost alota respect for @drake & @meekmill out of all the n---as who Dnt like yall y'all chose to retaliate against @chrisbrown. Just voicing my opinion there's wayyy more important shit to start fight abt than features and women #thatisall. Now everybody's mad too bad idgaf but for the record I Dnt have a prob with @drake or @meekmill I just can't support sucka s---...”

That was quite a mouthful, and since Roscoe took the time to send the messages directly at the parties involved, he had to assume that someone would respond. Meek wrote back, “@Roscoedash you gotta chill b4 you b tweeting my name in some sh-- i wasn't even really in! Stay in ya lane!”

And, of course, Roscoe didn’t let it died there, adding, “@MeekMill lmao there aynt no lanes on this BIG ass hwy my brother but like I said I'm just voicing my opinion. Ni---as Must have 4got I HAVE HIT RECORDS!! a couple of em & 7 top 40s I Dnt have to say ANYTHING at all I Dnt piggyback I'm the ring leader! If u Dnt like the #RNS I'm talkin bout there's a block button and an unfollow button USE IT!”