Beyonce Provides Clue To Blue Ivy's Name Via Tumblr Poem

By Carter Maness

Beyonce's Tumblr is a classy, photo-heavy affair that showcases her globetrotting lifestyle and angelic life at home. Yesterday, she posted a poem by Rebecca Solnit called "A Field Guide To Getting Lost" that provides an emotive, melancholy clue that helps understand why her child is named Blue Ivy.

Meditating on the color blue, the poem explores how blue is at the edges of earth, showing its depth. "Water is colorless, shallow water appears to be the color that lies beneath it," reads Rolnit's words. "But deep water is full of his scattered light, the purer the water, the deeper the blue."

Blue is, of course, also Jay-Z's favorite color. "My favorite hue is Jay-Z blue," he once rapped on the 2005 track "Dear Summer."

Since premiering her new site in early April, Beyonce has showcased sweet private moments in her life that she previously had kept hidden from the public. Beautifully curated, her combination of photos, open letters to inspirations like Michelle Obama and even poetry continue to provide a unique glimpse into the mindset of one of our biggest pop stars.