Ushers Debuts 'Scream' Video Filmed At Fuerza Bruta

By James Montgomery

In May Usher made an appear in the off-Broadway NYC production "Fuerza Bruta," where he starred as Running Man and found inspiration for his new video "Scream," off of Looking 4 Myself.But now, with the album in stores and its second proper single, "Scream," at radio, it looks like Ush was using that experience for something else: namely, the inspiration for the "Scream" video, which premiered Tuesday.

The clip is basically one long "Fuerza" performance, only this time, Usher isn't limited to the confines of the stage. Dressed in a natty suit, and backed by beams of light, he makes like his titular character in the production, running through a black expanse that seemingly stretches on forever (of course, he does make use of periodic pit stops to break into dance — it is an Usher video, after all). He's joined at the end by a female dancer, and the two share some seriously sultry moves.

Mixed in with the video is footage taken from his actual "Fuerza Bruta" performance — a female cast member floats above him, suspended in a bubble, water splashing around her. And much like the show itself — which is performed on a 360-degree stage, giving fans unprecedented views of the action — that live footage gives the "Scream" video a kinetic jolt to match the track's pounding, club-ready production.

Part live clip, part swaggering, oversexed performance video, Usher's "Scream" showcases the man doing what he does best: belting out a pulse-quickening, come-hither track while dancing like nobody else in the business. And hey, if this whole R&B megastar thing doesn't work out, perhaps Ush could make a name for himself on Broadway. As he proves with his new video, he's certainly got the moves.