J. Money Details Getting Shot Six Times While Filming 'Hold Up' Video

Music News

By Carter Maness with reporting by FLX

Rapper J. Money AKA J. Futuristic was shot six times last week while prepping a video shoot for his single "Hold Up." Currently hospitalized, the Atlanta artist, known for his hit "First Name, Last Name"  is in stable condition and spoke to RapFix from the hospital.

Saying that the gunfire came without warning, J was shot multiple times with bullets hitting his calf, arm, back and leg. "[They] just started coming from everywhere," he told RapFix. "Like a hundred shots. It just came from everywhere, man. It was crazy. It was a nightmare."

J, who changed his name in 2009, and has had trouble earning mainstream recognition for his work, felt that his new single "Hold Up" was a potential turning point. The shooting, which he considers a setback that will build his character, underscores his mindset of separating music from the streets. "It put you in a realm where street people think you got to come be around here. And then when you do and they see progress, it's like people tend to try to pull you down to they level," he said. "It's at a point now where I know to separate it."

J takes his survival as a sign to keep going with the music and intends to keep pushing "Hold Up" when he's released from the hospital and recuperates. "I'm here for music, so that's what I'm going to do till I die. And God ain't ready for me to die," he said. "I just want to touch people through my music and put out a positive message."