Basketball Wives Reunion Ends With Evelyn Lozada, Jenn Reunion

Basketball Wives 4

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

The "Basketball Wives" reunion special ended with a bang yesterday. Part one from the week prior left with tensions on high as former besties Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams took lie detector tests to prove who really meant what in their entangled imbroglio of a relationship. Last night, host John Salley revealed the shocking results which summed up that Jennifer was indeed jealous of Evelyn's relationship with Chad Ochocinco (ooooh) but both women missed each other's friendship (awww).

After this realization, the ladies tearfully hugged each other in a heartwarming moment. Not a dry eye was left in the house and even Tami and Shaunie fought back tears.

This sweet moment made up for the remainder of the episode which consisted of Tami Roman barking about not being a bully and her enemy/victim Kesha Nichols continuously shaking her head. Looks like they won't be hugging it out anytime soon.

During the Jenn/Ev hug-a-thon, Jenn said that she didn't want to hash things out in public, so it looks like the healing process will begin off-camera (translation: next season). With the amount of drama these two have gone through from cat fights to litigation and incendiary Tweets, we can only imagine how they will repair their friendship.

This brings us to the big question on everyone's mind: Will there be another season of the show? Evelyn talked about her own reality spin-off with fiancé Ochocinco, in which they will be planning their wedding, and in the season finale, Tami mentioned moving to LA and Shaunie admitted to her pastor that the show may end because of the negative light it was putting all of the women in. Luckily, Shaunie's moment of reflection was quickly overshadowed by the fact that train wreck television is awesome and she admitted to Salley and the audience that a fifth season of the franchise is on its way.