You'll Never Guess Lil Wayne's Favorite Movie Of 2012

Music News

By Rob Markman, with reporting by Felicia Morris

He is not that same, he is a Martian. Yet while Lil Wayne possesses uncanny MC abilities, it just isn’t enough for the Young Money boss. In the days leading up to the MTV Movie Awards, MTV News caught up with Lil Wayne and got him to give his pick for movie of the year. So what Josh Trank’s “Chronicle” didn’t receive a nomination, if you ask Weezy the sci-fi flick is so far tops for 2012.

“My favorite movie this year was ‘Chronicle,’ Tunechi said.

The film which dropped in February tells the story of three Seattle, Washington teens who develop telekinetic powers. It’s all fun and games until one of the boys begins to use his powers for evil. “It was just crazy, I like that movie, I wish I had those powers,” Wayne joked (or maybe he was serious).

We’re not exactly sure how often the hip-hip megastar makes it out to the movie theaters, but you may want to be on Weezy watch on July 20. Like just about anyone with a pulse and a love for action flicks Wayne is looking forward to Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises.” The third installment of Nolan’s Batman trilogy is expected to bring in big bucks when it’s released later this Summer.

“I saw the previews of it,” Wayne said. “It looks like it’s gonna be pretty crazy.” We’ll say.