Nas' Plan To Lynch Fake Jay-Z At Summer Jam '02: Video Surfaces

By Carter Maness

With all of the controversy about Nicki Minaj's cancelled performance at this year's Summer Jam, stories of the old feud between the festival's host, Hot 97, and the eventual 2012 headliner, Nas, have resurfaced. And this week there's actual footage of Nas' planned attack against Jay-Z.

Back in 2002, as a stunt in his beef with Jay-Z, Nas planned to lynch a fake Hova during his headlining set. Only a year before, Jay had unveiled his classic diss track "The Takeover" on the very same stage, and Nas wanted to one-up him with a controversial, unforgettable and highly-questionable attack on his character.

This wasn't just a rumor, either. Nas went so far as to have an animatronic dummy of Jay built, and a creepy new video has surfaced showing artists preparing the fake Hov. With a silicon head, lots of makeup and realistic-looking skin, Nas' crew had prepared all the logistics to hang the fake Jay from a noose 19 feet above the Summer Jam stage.

Hot 97 rejected the stunt, and Nas, like Minaj this year, canceled his headlining set in protest. He headed straight to rival station Power 105.1, instead, delivering one of his most famous rants.