Justin Bieber’s Believe: Nicki Minaj, Drake Singles Leak

By Miranda Johnson

With Justin Bieber’s Believe album just a week away, a number of new tracks have leaked online including both of the singles which feature Drake and Nicki Minaj. The collaborations are titled “Beauty and A  Beat” with Nicki Minaj and “Right Here” with Drake.

Justin Bieber, Big Sean Team Up For 'As Long As You Love Me'

Beauty and A Beat," Bieber's collaborative effort with Young Money’s lead female emcee is a song in which Justin fulfills any teenage girls earnest fantasy singing, “I want to show you all the finer things in life, so just forget about the world, we young tonight." Nicki hops on the single adding a feminine touch as she flirts it up with the teenage pop star before worrying about being caught by his girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

Right Here” features both JB and Drake assuring the leading ladies in their life that they can set all insecurities aside. The chorus plays, “Cause I just want to love you. I would never put nobody else up above you. I just want to kiss you. I just want to hug you baby. Till the end. Baby till the end. I’m right here, ain’t nobody got to hold ya. I’m right here, ain’t nobody gon control ya cause I’m right here. I’m right here”.

On Monday Bieber also released an upbeat dance tune featuring Big Sean titled "As Long as You Love Me." Bieber belts out to the booming beat singing, "As long as you love me/ We could be starving/ We could be homeless/ We could be broke. Later joined by Big Sean who shows his game with the ladies rapping "I don't know if this makes sense/ But you're my hallelujah."