Canibus Uses A Notepad During Rap Battle

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Canibus, known for his lyrical dexterity, committed the ultimate faux paus in Los Angeles when he brought out a notebook during the final round of a battle against rapper Dizaster . The one-on-one Pay-Per-View showdown (June 9), put together by King of the Dot, ended when Canibus acknowledged that his adversary had won the round but then pulled out a notebook to spit his rhymes anyways.

“[Dizaster can] spit, aight? I prepared for three weeks, every day to come here. I wrote so many f---in’ rhymes, you can’t memorize all that s---. I’m not a good freestyler, I’m technical — always been that way. I didn’t come here to let ya’ll down, so this is what I’mma do… You win Diz, aight? But, I wanna still spit my shit,” Canibus said. “You came here to listen to rhymes right? There’s 30 pages of rhymes in this motherfucker All I wanna do is spit my shit. The man wins. Let me spit my shit. Ya’ll paid ya bread,” Canibus yelled. The crowd was less than pleased.

Rappers took to Twitter with their own two cents as video footage of the embarrassment quickly circulated online. Saigon tweeted, "I felt sorry for Manny (Pacquiao) until I seen that Canibus battle on Worldstar...Damn homie !!!" and Xzibit tweeted, "Man. I had this crazy dream last night, Pacman lost a fight in a bullshit decision, and canibus was battling with a broke arm and a notepad."

Late last year, Canibus threw shots at J. Cole in a diss song, "J Clone," for not paying homage to his elders. The beef was extinguished quickly when Canibus released a video, retracting his words. "I've seen thousands and thousands of comments of ['J. Cole'], and all the negativity it's stirring up,” he said. “After 48 hours of, I feel confident enough to say that it's unanimous. Hip-hop has spoken up loud and clear, it's a 'cole world' right now, and you're reignin' champ, J. I take full responsibility for my actions and I apologize for steppin' over the line. It comes off as tacky, unsophisticated, and it's just not G. I love hip-hop too much to further justify my selfish behavior."