Love & Hip-Hop's Chrissy Lampkin Gets New Show With Jim Jones

By Miranda Johnson

“Love & Hip-Hop” stars Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones are getting their own reality series. The soon-to-be Mrs. Jones recently sat down with Vibe magazine and confirmed that the couple has signed on for a reality show of their own.

Although all of the final details are still in the works, Chrissy assured fans that they can still expect plenty of drama, but you’ll be upset if expecting the “gladiator” fights witnessed in the past seasons “Love & Hip-Hop.”<

“Jimmy and I have our own show now. There’s definitely gonna be drama. We love each other but we don’t always see eye to eye. We respect each other but just like any other relationship, it gets rocky,” Lampkin told Vibe. “I really don’t know [the title yet]. I really wanted Me and Mrs. Jones but Kelis and Nas already used that.”

During the interview Chrissy also reflected on certain situations in past seasons of “Love & Hip-Hop” stating, “It’s like why did I let them get me that angry? I feel like I can think circles around half of the situations that I allow myself to get angry at. My wit and my vocabulary is enough to cut somebody down where I don’t have to get physical.”

Also if you haven’t heard "Love & Hip Hop" is heading down to Atlanta. Two trailers featuring the new season 3 cast have already been released and from the footage it's guaranteed to be a heck of an interesting (to say the least) season.