Kitty Pryde Gives 'Call Me Maybe' A Rap Remix

By Carter Maness

It was bound to happen. Carly Rae Jepsen's surprise summer jam "Call Me Maybe" has received the full music industry meme treatment since its release, including a cover by The Roots, Barack Obama mashup and about a billion think pieces. Today, it gets its first major rap remix from Florida's Kitty Pryde.

The teen rapper, who is mostly known for her Internet-famous track "Okay Cupid" and referring to herself as the hip-hop version of Taylor Swift, flips the poppy original into "Give Me Scabies." She repositions the viral hit as a love-addled dedication over stretched smooth-jazz loops that sound more muzak than music. "I wouldn't play you, cause I believe in fate," she raps.

The remix is included on a new free EP entitled haha, i'm sorry, which was released today. In addition to her take on Jepsen, there's also a feature verse from Riff Raff and production from A$AP Rocky collaborator Beautiful Lou. Since "Okay Cupid" caught on last month, the video has received more than 300,000 views on YouTube.