Drake's Rolex Watch At The Center Of Lawsuit

By Carter Maness

A Manhattan lawyer is going after a popular jeweler after claiming that his Rose-Gold Rolex Presidential went missing and somehow ended-up in rapper Drake's possession. Drake claims a similar looking timepiece that hes seen wearing on the cover of his sophomore album Take Care, was always his and had been purchased directly from Rolex. He even specifically clarified that he has never bought anything from the jeweler, Rafaello & Co., named in the $30,000 case.

Still, the lawyer, James McMillan, is sticking to his story. He claims that he brought the expensive timepiece in for a cleaning last year and returned to the shop a week later to find that the watch was missing and had been sold. "He goes back to the store and confronts them and they confirmed that the watch was sold," said Claudine King, McMillan's lawyer.

The jeweler's lawyer says there is no real case to be had. "I believe the allegations in this lawsuit will be proven to be without merit," said Mark Rosenfeld.