Chris Brown Apologizes To Cher After Twitter Hacker Threatens Her

By Carter Maness

The Internet can be a scary place, especially when a hacker takes over your Twitter and threatens pop icon Cher with assault. Unfortunately, that's what happened to the already-embattled Chris Brown, who got hacked and appeared to threaten to "beat" Cher because of her political opinions.

'That damn GRANNY b---- CHER needs to keep her mouth SHUTTTT about her opinion against obama !!! smh she needs a beating," said the tweet.

As Cher's fans noted the tweet, they went on the offensive, threatening Brown and reporting him to the social network administrators. Once Brown got control of his account back, he cleared the air, though. "I have the utmost respect for u as an artist @cher," he wrote, explaining that he was hacked and apologizing for the dust-up.

Cher returned the sentiment, saying she is "always impressed by Brown" and that she was going to see Obama, whom she actually supports, soon. It's not Cher's first involvement in a Twitter controversy, either. Last November, a lyrical misunderstanding by her fans led to a temporary beef with Nicki Minaj.

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